D.O.B. 21/08/2006
DNA clear for TNS/CL, DNA CEA/CH Carrier Sassy's training is now on hold while we bring up our third litter of pups plus she is now a young lady as she has come on heat for the first time age 11 months.
Sassy really enjoys her training but I'm afraid not for at least three weeks now.
Meet Canen Cadbury ISDS 284993: Sire: Canen Baz. Dam: Spice.
Sassy Choc Tri-BazBlue Tri- Merle, SpiceRed/White

Sire: Canen Baz, ISDS251245 Blue Tri-Merle. DNA "Normal"
KC. Canen Cadbury at Bailstails AG0902493 Dam: Spice: ISDS 234796 Red Tri- "Carrier"
Choc Tri-colour Bitch. Both Dogs have great temperaments.
DNA test result for CEA/CH: "Carrier"
DNA results for TNS/CL Clear
Perfect Scissor bite.
Hip Score 3-6
PRA clear.

Pet name Sassy; she is a 7 week old Choc Tri- and very adorable, we picked her up on Wednesday 18th October.
Sassy was bred by Shirley Bell, this little bundle of fur is very confident and has settled in very well with us and all our dogs.
We met both parents who were very friendly with great temperaments.

I am not at all bothered with Sassy's DNA result as I already knew the possibility of her being a carrier through her Dam, if I get a good hip score from her when old enough I still intend to breed from her to a "Normal"
I already have plans in the making for a suitable mate/stud dog for her, "Watch This Space" for further News.

Sassy's first wk-end away in the caravan:

Sassy loved being away, playing in our new garden but it didn't take her long to find a way out.
She is a very agile young dog (8mths) and managed to jump over our 4' high fencing so unfortunately needed to be tethered when out in the garden.
On two occations Sassy managed to get free and ran into rings that dogs were competing in, she just wanted to play
with the dogs working, she just loved the chase, she never interfered other than watching the dogs.
So now she has lost all freedom other than in the exercise area, never mind she will soon learn (hopefully).

Pictures of Sassy 1-01-2007.

Sassy and Lucy relaxing on our bed at 2-30am 1-1-07

Sassy:: Looking relaxed

Sassy Looking a little tired

Sassy all ready to settle down for the night.

Sassy has now been with us just over six weeks and has become a real mummy's girl, she is a little shy with strangers and dogs she doesn't know.
The more she goes out with us the more confident she gets, she now looks forward to her walks and has started to make freinds with other dogs people I think will take a little longer though.

Sassy's first visit to a show

Sassy was very nervous at her first show but soon over come her worries once everyone started giving her goodies.
Club training on Wednesday's are becoming very enjoyable for Sassy she just loves watching all the dogs working and is now getting very excited.
Sassy was again quite shy at our R.D.T.C. Chrismas show but once again soon settled in once people gave her goodies, she even went and played with friends of mine with-out giving me a second glance but got excited on return to me, I am very proud of how Sassy is settling in at visiting agility shows.
Sassy is now so confident that she has started to approach people and dogs herself, Brilliant step forward.

Sassy on a walk with her best mate Roodi

What are those ear's going to do??????

Teak and Sassy sniffing the same area.

Sassy, Dusty and Bailey, they all want Sassy's new toy

Sassy and Kep