Bailstails Billionaire (Advanced)

Ann-Marie and Scud came an incredible 4th in the Championship Final at The Agility Club Show on the 30th July 2006.
What a wonderful Partnership they have.
Judged by Charlie Wyatt.


Senior by June of his first year,Advanced by August of his second year,
Qualified for the CSJ novice final at the Three Counties Show at Malvern.Qualified for the Adam's Derby Final to come 5th.
Qualified for three of the six Olympia semi finals at the Royal and T/C. to become 1st res.twice.
Crufts 2004..Beacon team's anchor dog..100%clear round at not quite 3yrs old,currantly lying 2nd on this seasons senior points table.
(I don't chase points)
Crufts 2005...Crufts Singles Agility.
Handling Scud is like driving a big luxury car.. smooth, balanced..with a V8 engine! As he works around me he seems huge. When he takes a fence it's as though he's taken flight..the ground cannot hold him.
Around the rings he is calm and tranquil...but asked into heel on the start line he crackles with energy.
Scud is obedient without being overly sensitive, allowing our partnership to build day by day. I am so privileged to work a dog of this calibre.
I know passers-by stop to watch Scud work..entranced..Scud in full flight is a thing of beauty. 


Scud follows me around the house but rarely imposes for fuss. When I stop in a room he'll just stand and watch me. When I sit down he'll flump on me if I let him..otherwise he'll lie by my side.
If he comes across something new,eg:gunshot at the Royal show,and is unsure he remains calm and looks at me for a reaction. 
He is very careful of himself, he doesn't get into fights or take unnecessary risks..such as going into the water above his tummy.
At a show it's like being with a celebrity he has so many friends! When Scud pays some one attention he makes them feel really special.
God forbid, but if Scud couldn't do agility anymoor he'd happily fit into any role you asked of him. When I rang Sue and booked that puppy I didn't realize I was to give my heart in exchange.
Ann-Marie Froggat.

Ann Marie and Scud represented GB at the Worlds in Spain 2005
And they have also qualified for the first day at The Royal Show semi's for Olympia 2006

Ann.Marie and Scud,After winning the Agility Singles Semi Finals at Crufts 10-3-05.(Avanced)
Ann-Marie and Scud Win Agility Singles Semi,then came 4th in the final, they also won the Circular Knock-out in the morning, what a great day they had, both on a High, it was their first time at CRUFTS, we are so very proud of them.

Hips 5-5, DNA.Blood tested "Normal"
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Scud is a dad!

Sue Dennison's young bitch Speckles is the proud mum
See more pics of them here

Scud ,Typsy and bruv Ryan Scud jumping, just look at the concentration on his face.

Scuddy as a little bundle of joy around 7/8 weeks old. AAAAAAhhhhhh

Scud and Adam @ 6 weeks old

Dog Tired Scud Jnr.Scud Jnr 2

Scud a 6 weeks old