Bailstails Lad. Senior
Janet and Jamie

At the time this litter was born I was not actively looking for a new Puppy, I had 3 dogs, all girls who were more than enough for me to handle.

I first saw Jamie when he was 3 weeks old, known by the nickname Arrow because of the white arrow shaped flash on his neck. “He’s not spoken for yet,” said Sue as I cuddled this tiny parcel in my hands. Over the next couple of weeks I popped in to see how they were developing and each time this puppy and I ended up cuddling in the corner of the pen. “I think he would suit you” or “have you considered having a boy they are very loving”. Somehow, it just became understood that I now had my name on this little boy who looked “Just like his Dad” (Noggin).

It was just meant to be that Jamie and I would be together, this was confirmed when I received his KC Number K102658, as these Numbers are the same as my Birth date.

We have had our ups and downs as a partnership, at times this handsome, good tempered, happy Dog has pushed me to the very edge of despair. His idea of getting round an agility course has been very different from mine. However with help from my partner Ian and a lot of patience and hard work Jamie has begun to respond and our performances have improved.

Jamie-Bailstails Lad

Last year (2004) we have had our best season together so far. We qualified first for the Adams Derby Final then for the CSJ final and for the first time ever I had a dog that qualified for a Chum Semi final coming in a very creditable 3rd at Weardale. We even had a brief but perfect run in our Flyball teams appearance at Crufts.

July 2004 saw him win out of Novice into Senior joining his brothers and sister in the big league, this inevitably brings new challenges which I hope I am up to, I know Jamie has what it takes to hold his own in the Senior world.

Jamie is the first ever boy dog I have owned and although I had doubts about our suitability, owing this gentle, good tempered, strong, handsome dog has been a delight. Although Agility plays a huge role in our lives Jamie is first and foremost my companion and friend, and if there was no more Agility I would be blessed with a true friend who wants nothing more than to be by my side.

Many different changes as Jamie is growing up into this very handsome boy

Jamie competing at Tunbridge Wells 2006, ran by Ian