Meg - Bailstails Megan

BFA FlyBall first division.

An Incredible picture of Meg turning on the FlyBall box at a show recently: Check it out: As you can see her left back foot is covering the hole from where the ball comes from, this is a picture and angle most of us never see.
Meg is one of the fastest dogs in BFA FlyBall, she can do a 4-50 seconds run.

What an amazing picture of Meg competing at BFA Fly-Ball, just look at the way she is turning on the box.

Meg in the middle with Eileen and their Fly-Ball team, Nuns on the Run at Crufts 2007

Meg and Eileen Crufts qualifiers 2007

Meet Eileen and Meg, they compete in B.F.A. Flyball, they are in the first division, and boy is Meg fast, we went to watch them at Megs first show, "wow" couldn't believe how fast she was, even faster than there most experianced dogs, she enjoys her hobby so much and it's so nice to see her so happy.
Meg lives with Eileen, Jim and 3 other collies who all enjoy the same sport.
See you don't have to do Agility to have fun, do you!
Meg is one of the fastest BFA flyball dogs in the country.

Meg and Eileen are competing at Crufts in the Flyball on 11th March 2005
Heres wishing them every success.
Friday 11th March 2005
Eileen and Megs Flyball Team (Nuneaton) qualify for the quarter finals on the Saturday.
Saturday 12th March.
Eileen and Megs Team knock-out their other (Nuneaton) team to qualify for the Finals.
Flyball Finals.
Nuneaton win The FlyBall Finals.
What can we say, having 3 winning owners and dogs, all from the same litter, competing at Crufts 2005.
You are all simply the "Best"

Sue & Typsy, Deena & Ryan and Eileen with Meg.

Meg with her flyball Troughy.

Meg BFA Flyball queen

Meg and Eileen part of the winning Crufts flyball team 2004