Bailstails Noggette Advanced

So far, Novice Dog of the Year 2002
Agility Eye Novice Dog of the Year 2002
2nd Pedigree Markies Grand National 2002
3rd Adams Derby final 2002
Crufts team final 2004(fastest clear round)
4th Pedigree team relay final 2004
6th Pedigree pairs final 2004

Keeta is the only girl out of the first litter, she is a black/tri owned by Jane Powell and very pretty. Keeta was the first one to shine, after a few shows she had won at jumping and continued to go from strength to strength, winning into seniors before long. Then not happy with that, started winning intermediate and senior classes to become Advanced. What a proud moment that was for us.


Keeta By Jane Powell.

B Brilliant
A Always there
I Intense
L Loves to lick Charlies m/tash
S Smooth
T Turns tighter than the rest
A Always gives 110%
I Irreplaceable
L Lush
S Sue's "speedy" baby

N Neat
O On the go
G Glides
G Gorgeous
E Energetic
T Tremendous
T Trigga's idol
E Extrovert

But most of all, she’s ALL MINE !!

give us a kiss mum!

Jane and keeta qualified for a day at "The Royal Show" for the Olympia Semi, at the Easter Celebration show on the Saturday, Then came to Dashing Dogs on the Sunday to win Senior jumping, what a great Easter they both had together.
9th April at Otley.
Jane and Keeta, with pairs partner Lee Gibson and Ben win Pedigree Trek Pairs and qualify for the final, also on Sunday 10th April at Srambles UKA Agility show, win Champion Snooker, Champion Agility and not satisfied with that win Champion Steeplechace.
What a great pair they are, they make an amazing partnership.
Haselmere on Sat. Jane and Keeta win Olympia Agility Stakes, quailifying for another day at The Royal show, then at Wallingford on Sunday came 3rd in Int.Agility Pt.2. and 6th in Senior jumping, what an amazing pair they are.

We are proud to say that Jane and Keeta came 4th in the Olympia finals 2005, we are so very proud of them, especialy as it was there first time there.

UK Agility Dogs, jump for their country

Jane and Keeta have qualified for individual and teams event to represent the UK in Holland in May 2006 to Compete at the IFCS World Agility Championships.
All handlers and dogs wishing to be considered for the team have to prove that they can compete under pressue at the UK National Finals.
They have to prove their skills and proficiency in the games classes, snooker, gamblers and power and speed, as these are included in the National Competition.

Jane Powell and Keeta:
Jane has been doing agility for nearly six years. She started agility with her rescue WSD Lily in order to reduce Lily's bordom which definitely worked and Jane has been hooked ever since.

At only five years old Keeta is no stranger to success and has already competed at Crufts with the Stafford Area Training Society team in 2004 and 2005 and has qualified again for 2006 in the Crufts Single Senior Agility.
During 2005 Keeta qualified for Olympia coming a respectable forth in the final and won the 30" UK Agility National Championship Title.

Jane and Keeta do it again by qualifying for the UKA IFCS team to represent Great Britain in BelgiumThis is what they had to do to qualify.1) fastest agility & jumping times - best 4 of each submitted, 1 had to be a double clear on the same day.2) Results from UKA Nationals, worth double points.3) A head to head contest in snooker & gamblers, against the others trying out. These are their team mates.
D.Weaver & Minky
A.Williams & Pi
J.Powell & KeetaAnother great acheivment from a great partnership,we are so proud of them.

KC agility week-end 12/13th August 2006.Brilliant news Jane and Keeta qualified for the Kennel Club British Open Finals and came an amazing third, we are so very proud of you both.
Also they had great results in quite a few classes including 5th in Senior Jumping.
A very well matched pair these two are.

Latest News:

Keeta came 2nd on Saturday at Easter celeb advanced power & speed, qualifying for the final at Agility club.The most amazing news todate.IFCS World Championship results for Jane and Keeta, Saturday 5th May, they won 3 Gold Medals making them World Gold Medal Champions in each class of Gambler, Snooker and Jumping, What amazing news that was, can you imagine how Charlie and I feel we are so very proud of them both, I must admit I did cry with joy when I heard the news, who knows when they breed a litter how well they will turn out, well now I do know, Jane and Keeta are SIMPLY THE VERY BEST.
Jane has achieved every thing she has ever wanted with Keeta and they still have a lot to offer.
AWAY TO GO GIRLS.Jane was interveiwed by the Burton Mail and this is what was written about her and Keeta.Keeta Scoops a clutch of Awards.A clever collie has proven to be an International prize-winning pooch after scooping three gold madals at a canine "Olympics" competition.
Keeta became something of a golden retriever after a triple success with owner Jane Powell in a contest at Oosterhuit, in The Netherlands. The six year old collie bitch, from Newborough, won the canine Snooker, Gamblers and Jumping categories, proving her all-round agility and intelligence. Mrs Powell said; "It was really stressful the whole thing of being at the World Championships.
It was harder than I thought it was going to be. "Keeta had a great time and stayed in the hotel with us, there were no other dogs with us, just her, so she had all the attention"
Here are some pictures from Holland.1st set up day:Jane and Keeta relaxing after setting up camp for the next few days.

Taking a long deserved break before the Championship Starts

Jane flying the flag for Britain.
This picture was taken the night before the show starts. Even Keeta needs her creature comforts before the big day, kicking dad out of bed.

This is training day were all the handlers can have time with training there dogs.

Everyone getting ready to start a little training before it all starts. Jane and Keeta in front.

This is the group of handlers representing us in Holland.

Jane just making sure that Keeta gets her contacts in training. Jane and Keeta soul mates.

Presentation awards Jane and Keeta win their first GOLD medal for Snooker event. Second Gold Medal award, this time for Gamblers

Jane, Greg and Keeta, a very proud moment after winning their 3rd GOLD medal. Jane and Keeta with a Gold Medal + ph

Keeta showing off all her Gold Medals Golden Pair.

Jane showing off all their Gold Medals Jane + Keeta 1st Stu and Storm 2nd

With all their medals and trophys Jane and Greg admiring all that Gold.

Janes husband Mark who we can thank for taking all the photos
All the medals won by our Brits

Mark and Jane drink to a successful Championship. Celebration Meal

Three latest pictures of Jane and Keeta representing Great Britton in Belgium 2008.
These guys are stars, just love them to bits, Thank You Mark for sharing these wonderful pictures for all to see.

Keeta & dad, Noggin

Keeta, with her win into senior!

Keeta having a well earned rest at the Hotel while at Olympia 2005

Novice dog of the year winner 1st Jane and Keeta, 2nd Alan and 3rd Neil.

Jane and Keeta winning again

A young Keeta

Keeta, posing for her picture

Keeta on a beach holiday

A great picture of love, friendship and total trust

Keeta and friend, great pictures taken while enjoying the snow Nov 2010

Keeta now 10years old, taken Novenember 2010 while enjoying a walk in the snow