Noggin of Bailey's Senior

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This is our boy run by Charlie at senior level, and boy is he gorgeous, a big red tri with two intermediate jumpings under his belt. Trio was the last pup to be born, we thought Bailey had finished having her pups then five hours later, as we were going to bed, out he pops, and we said, this one is ours. Trio is the proud dad of 5.Four boy's and one girl, his wife was Wendy Fairlambs Tishi. She is so pretty!

Saturday 2nd April, Scunthorpe show.
Charlie was judging Senior and Novice Agility, so I was left to run all of the dogs, I must admit I did enjoy it.
Trio worked well for me, we had a clear round in Senior Agility, I got us eliminated in our pairs run (Forgot the course) and we came 2nd in intermediate jumping part 3. so you could say I had a great day.

Bailey, Trio & Noggin

Typsy & Trio

Bailey, Trio and Teak

Bailey,Trio,Noggin & Oz

Trio & Teak

two trio's!

Typsy,Trio and Bailey

Trio, Teak,Tishi, Callum, Nuggett, Scott and Danni the only girl.

Trio with Mum Bailey and Dad noggin. Trio and Tishi's son Scott with Alan Preist a very successfull partnership.

Trio at Hinkley 2006

Did Trio take the pole out, I wonder???????????

Trio and Charlie came third in Intermediate Jumping at the Agility club Show 2006.
Trio also had two top places in Senior + Intermediate Agility at Scunthorpe on Sunday 5th Aug.2006.
Maybe they are getting it together again, watch this space: