Bailstails Rikers Turn Now

Grade 6

Riker has qualifeid for the SupaDog Final

Sadley Riker went lame just before his turn so was unable to compete but he is on the mend now and still enjoying his agility.

Riker is my second agility dog, and does agility 100% for himself and 200% for me! He is a pleasure to work and helps me out far more than I deserve a lot of the time! He listens, responds and powers on - and if I get it right, then so does he. I feel as though we've been through a lot together in the time he's been with me - not least my two pregnancies. We both had to retrain when I was pregnant as I was unable to work him as I had before, but he responded and helped me - it was as though he knew and understood and in his usual manner, he just wanted to please. He won into Senior seven weeks after my first baby was born - what more can I ask than that - and since then we've been placed regularly and have one jumping win towards Advanced. As far as he's concerned training and working are fun and he'll learn anything so long as there's a game of ball at the end of it. When we're at home he's usually found chilled out, never far away - ALWAYS in the same room and always ready for a fuss and cuddle.I can honestly say that I cannot for a moment imagine life without him and am very fortunate to be lucky enough to own such a wonderful, handsome, special and lovely dog. He's going to be a very hard act to follow and when all is said and done, he's always going to be my boy - my Riker Man.
By Sally Nott.

Riker-Bailstails Rikers Turn Now

Riker (left)

Rikker @ home in his new garden Rikker @ 6weeks old. Rikker gardening

Rikker 3mths old5mths old August 01

All of these pictures were taken Dec 01 while training for agility.

Rikker having fun in the snow

Is this cat flap too small for me now?????????

- Rikker as Doggie Christmas.

Latest pictures of Riker Man looking rather on the grey side but never the less just as gorgeous as usual, he still reminds me of Bailey but she not as grey LOL.

Another picture of Bailey look-a-like Riker but far greyer than mum bless.

Riker with two of his house mates Kira and Obi.