Bailstails Toy Boy. Senior

Having just arrived back from a training day with Grandpa Stuart (Stuart Harmes, owner of Oz’ dad, Noggin) and read Grandma Sue’s email nagging me to write something about my big boy for her website, I thought I’d better get on and put pinkies to keyboard.

What can I say about this dog? I would say “be careful what you pray for, because you might just get it!” I always wanted a “fast” dog. That I should get that fast dog when I’m approaching my 50’s instead of 13 years ago when I started this sport is just one of God’s little jokes. And fast is a bit of an understatement. Oz is a powerhouse, a dynamo, a single brain-celled torpedo whose only mission in agility is to take the next visible obstacle as fast as caninely possible. If I point him in the right direction, he will take the right obstacle. He has no “side” to him. He’s completely obedient, so if he gets it wrong there’s only one to blame, and it ain’t him!
Oz is now approaching 5 years old. We have had several Novice wins and 1 Intermediate, but clear rounds are elusive because I still don’t have the confidence in myself to handle this brilliant dog. Today, in training, it was drummed into me once again that I have to let him do the work and steer him from behind (not that I have much choice, most of the time). I promise, Stuart, that I really will try! This is not a dog that needs overhandling.
Even if I’m half a mile behind he will still go clear if I point my “frontal plane” in the right direction.

Hip score 6-4, eye's
DNA tested Normal for CEA
PRA tested Clear.
e:mail vharry@blueyonder.co.uk

Virginia and Oz-Bailstails Toy Boy

I also have to say what Oz is like away from agility. Adorable! Not only is he drop-dead gorgeous, he doesn’t have an aggressive bone in his body. He’s a great big, entire male, but isn’t the slightest bit interested in fronting up to other dogs. And when they do that to him, he just gets confused. Oz is the one I roll over when I push my chair back from my desk at home, because he’s always by my side when I’m working. I absolutely love him to bits. And if there are any girlies out there with 100% sound temperaments who would like to continue this fantastic line with the most handsome man in agility, please get in touch!

Two great pictures of Oz working at Chippingham show 9th/10th September 2006

Oz not too happy with this little pup trying to make friends.

Hello!!! I'm not your mum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Poor Oz, bless.

I see no pup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HELP

Bailey,Trio,Noggin, and Oz

Baby Oz pictures

Oz all grown up. Very handsome chap too