Dave - Bailstails Wenya ready Dave

Brilliant News Dave has now won into Seniors at Dogs In Need show, away to go guys, we are very proud of Traci and Dave for achieving this status.
About time too. Dave,
Where do I start he's my boy, pet name poo face, as most people will know he didn't have a very good start to agility, just when he was ready to get down to some serious training, he got attacked by another dog whilst he was in full pelt up a line of four jumps. he had over 47 internal and external stitches and decided that the best thing to do would be to kill any dog who came within 20 feet of him from then on.
Dave had already been and is still a k9 concern dog and comes into my special school with on a regular basis. So I knew he really had a heart of gold.
I dediced to put agility on hold and spent a year out just socializing him around the circlet.
I'm glad to say with a lot of hard work and the odd slip he now is a very stable well balanced boy.(he now only dislikes very dominant boys, and all that is most of the time is he looks at me as if to say can I? just a little bite??)

Dave's job 1 day a week is with Trevor keeping up to 14 children with behavior problems or some kind of special need occupied. This being walks in the woods and having an endless ball thrower (cool life).
He's started to develop a sense of when a child is about to have a epileptic fit which Trevor already does,very useful to have a warning so the child can be made comfortable, especially when they are normally half way up a tree.
I also cover the outward bound side of school, so Dave is used to being in a canoe, on a harness for abseiling/climbing or at the helm when we are white water rafting. he's quite fearless.

In my spare time I like to trek across mountains and camp in the middle of no-where, when I'm in this country the boys come with me. Trevs the foot warmer and Dave tends to find a sheep dig or fern mound and sleep in the big outdoors.
He has also as spent many nights in country trekkers pub in front of an open fire.

Oh well I think I should mention the agility! well he's pretty good at that too, but it's only a small part of Daves schedule.
No matter what happens in the ring he thinks he's won.
And look out cause one day he will

Dave wins Graduate Novice Agility at Dashing Dogs on Easter Monday.
One of many to come.
Dave came 2nd in Novice Agility at Spring at Shuttleworth on the
Sunday, keep knocking at that door. 

Latest news on Traci and Dave

At Wilmslow Saturday May 13th Traci and Dave won part 1 Novice jumping.
I'm sorry I wasn't there to see it but I do know that Traci has put a great deal of work in with Dave as he is a very strong and powerful dog with a mind of his own some times.
I feel it won't be long before these two are competing at senior level. Dave is the fastest boy from the second litter but is a very strong willed dog, I know that if anyone can handle him Traci sure can.
I would just like you to know how proud we are of you both.

Dave at 5 months

5 weeks old

The day Traci picked Dave up

At 6 weeks Dave and Scud playing

At 3 months Dave and Scud playing