Meet "JJ"
"Pawspups just JayJay"bred by Lynne James from Camarthanshire, Wales.
JJ is a Silver Toy Poodle
D.O.B. 24th December 2007

JJ is a shear delite to have and own, this tiny boy has totally blown us away.

We purchased JJ with the intent to train him up for agility, we have decided if he doesn't want to learn our favorite sport this gorgeous little boy will be our forever lap dog.

JJ is very spoilt rotten but as far as we are concerned he is worth it.

This picture of JJ was taken before his first trim/cut so he looks a little shaggy but who cares he is just the best toy poodle pup we could ever imagine, thanks you LynneJames for allowing us to have him.

All our dogs have accepted JJ even when it comes to feeding time where Sassy looks on hoping for a small morsel of JJ's dinner.

As you can see JJ loves his toys.

Sassy again looking on just in case she can pinch one of Jay's toys, anyone would think she hasn't any of her own, Bless.

This is my favourite picture of Trio (far right) Sassy(middle) and Kep looking on to see if they have any chance of stealing JJ's toys.

I'm sure Sassy thinks JJ is her new baby as she mothers him soooo much.

This is one of JJ's new collars ordered/made in the USA, I say one of his new collars as he has a collection of 12 now plus new clothes and harness's. I have an obsession to keep buying him things regardless.

JJ just before his bath, looks like he needs it too.

JJ with me casting a shadow over him but he still looks great to me.

Naughty me allowing JJ on the table but it was the only way I could keep him still long enough to take this pic.

Close up of my gorgeous boy, better pic's after his bath. VBG

These pic's were taken after JJ's bath today, you can certainly see the difference now.

Now he looks a proper poodle.

Caught this one with his eye half shut, never mind he still looks great to me.

What a cutie JJ looks here, a real Bobby Dazzler.