Menominee Pippip Hooray

Aka: Pip

Menominee Pippip Hooray.
D.O.B. 3 January 2009.
KC. AK01448701
Pip is a red toy poodle from breed lines, he was bred by Jeanette Longmire in Lancashire. We brought Pip home on Easter Sunday, he is a delight to own, such a sweet little man.
I took JJ with me to choose which little boy we were bringing home, JJ chose this gorgeous little boy. Pip has settled in well from day one, he is a real mummies boy so now I have two wonderful little toy poodles.

My little red boy PIP, how cute is he :-)) What a little bobby dazler, Pip looks good in his new red collar.

I'm so pleased the way Pip anf JJ get on together, look how much fun their having together. I couldn't have wished for a better playmate for my wonderful JJ, see how well they play together.

Pip wasn't too keen to wear a collar so I had this lovely harness/lead set made to fit him from pup to adult, he looks adoarble wearing it, great colour for him too, he wears it with confidence. Pip in his comfy bed showing off his new harness/lead set, good job the lining of the bed is a lighter colour or you wouldn't be able to see him <LOL>

To make life easier walking JJ and Pip together I had this coupler made, it is made from  parachute cord so will last them a life time. JJ and Pip trying to get to me when taking this picture, how adorable are my two toy boy's.