Lucy has now been spayedLucy ISDS 267933ISDS Lucy:

KC No.AE0900163 name Lucy Lastic @ Bailstails, D.O.B. 31-10-03.

semi coated Black/White, Hips, 5-4, DNA. Normal for CEA/CH.TNS. CL and  PRA Clear

Spring at Shuttleworth April 14/15
Lucy had a great wk-end at this show out of over 300+ dogs on the Saturday in Charlie's Helter Skelter she came a very impressive/respectable 7th beating lots of grade 6/7 dogs and her being just a grade 3 girl, it just goes to show what speed and enthusiasm this little dog has. I have taken Lucy back on to work as she was taking advantage of Charlie, we started looking at her contacts that she seems to have now lost.Her first agility run later in the day was totally out of control but I started doing a little ground work with her before our next runs and the Lucy I know and love came back in full flow.
On Sunday all her agility runs were spot on with her touch points we just need to get more consistency on her runs, I know we can do it and if she keeps up the good work I'm sure we will get into higher grades before we know it.(Watch this Space) Lucy and I went on a training seminar to Crazymaesy Agility workshop with Jo Fraser Maria Stein's on Saturday 23rd September.I highly recommend these two talented trainers. Lucy was her usual incredible self, both Jo and Maria thoughts she was a senior dog the way she worked. Lucy never put a foot wronge it was me but by the end of the training I finaly got it together with Lucy, this little girl never tired once and would have trained on and on.We were asked to do close work, with tight turns and Lucy tuned into this type of training with no bother, what ever I asked of her she would do with-out question. Lucy won pay-on the day Novice jumping (150) in the class by over a second at Dog Vegas on the Sunday 27th Agust.On the Monday she had an amazing run in Intermediate Agility but missed a weave, those darn weaves are a bain of my life. Lucy was smooth/fast  and controled all the way round the course. Lucy had her first rosette at Tuffley on Saturday 1st July in Intermediate agility, I held each contact for a count of 2 as she has just been running off them, she came an amazing 18th, lets hope this is the start of some thing good.

Link to Lucy's PedigreeClick here to go to Lucy's Dad's Page

I had my name down on a few lists for a female border collie to start up my lines again. I had seen a picture of Pearl, Lucy’s mum on Andy’s web site. There was some thing about that bitch, and I also like the look of  Glen, Lucy’s dad. So I phoned and spoke to Andy, told him a little about my self and waited for the pups to be born, other breeders let me know that their litters had arrived, but I could not get Pearls looks out of my mind. So I told them I wasn’t interested any more. Then the phone rang to say Pearls litter had arrived. Eight pups all Blk/white, three girls, five boys and I was lucky enough to have been chosen to have a pup.
I was so excited, and went to see the litter at one week old, not knowing if I had first choice or not.Pearl came out to greet us with Andy. She was very exited to meet us. Then we went indoors, cleaned our hands and sat in the whelping box with these tiny babies, Pearl trusted me to handle her babies, no grumble or growls, that made my mind up straight away. I just had to have one from this litter, still not knowing where I was on the list. Told Andy which bitch I liked best, heard nothing for a few weeks. Then Andy e-mailed me, saying my first choice was mine, we rushed down again at three and a half weeks, left our deposit and waited to pick Lucy up at six weeks old. I wasn’t able to go with Charlie on the day, so my son Craig went with him, when I arrived home that evening she was there, what a tiny little thing she was and oh so pretty, we bonded straight away but as Charlie couldn’t handle Kep. She was reluctantly handed over to him. Lucy is the most intelligent dog we have ever owned, right from the start she has been wanting to learn, she picks things up very, very quickly and is so toy/food orientated, her ground work is amazing.
Most of Lucy’s runs have just been the odd pole or weave entry.Lucy’s enthusiasm is second to none, she is a work-a-holic and only wants to please. She has a great temperament and is very loving to those people she knows.
I advertised for a mate for Lucy when she was eight months old. I know it seemed far too early but it gave me a chance to check out the dogs lines and how they worked. I had a good response but didn’t use any of them. Lucy was hip scored and DNA tested just after she was twelve months old, both results were very good. She comes from very good lines that have loads of brains and some famous trials relatives that go way back, so finding the right mate for her wasn’t easy.  Training Lucy was a shear delight, every thing seemed natural to her. She is very fast, keen and everything you could want from a young dog. She was more than ready to compete at eighteen months old. Her first show was at Dordale in May 2005. In her novice agility, she was eliminated, but she glided around the course like a dream, it was my bad handling that got us e’d. Novice jumping was amazing, she just missed a difficult weave entry, the rest was brilliant.

Lucy as a pup

Lucy had her first season at 11 mths old, she has never been moody or grumpy while in season or out. Her temperament is second to none.
Lucy's DNA Blood test results for CEA/CH come back NORMAL, so she will only go to another DNA CEA/CH clear dog or one that is known to produce clear/normal eye tested off-springs, so making sure all her off springs are clear of any CEA/CH eye problems. She is also PRA clear. Hip score 5-4
Lucy is enjoying every minute of agility, she is very fast and keen and if she ever gets it right she will win with ease.
She only tries to please and doesn't always get it right. She has had some amazing runs just taking out the odd pole.
Lucy was born to work and never tires of working. LATEST NEWSAt Dashing dogs on the Monday they had a Flick Flack challenge and Lucy
Was entered and she did an amazing run that would have put her into 2nd place if it hadn't been for just one pole, she beat avanced/senior dogs times.
You had to do the challenge in less that 20 be in the places, her time was 19.25 sec. it was a very hard time to do the course in, but she was brilliant. Just goes to show what she has to offer.

Making sure Lucy gets that "A" frame.

Lucy's seasaw

Lucy jumping 

Lucy keeping a watchful eye on her pup Inc while he sleeps, Lucy has turned out to be the best mum ever she still grooms him while he sleeps and looks after him all the time.Lucy's Mum Pearl, Dad Glen and Grand-Dad Ben

Great video about Working SheepDogs made by Andy Nickless, Lucy's breeder.Click on link below to view.Working Sheepdogs

Pearl is off Derek Scrimeour's highly successful trials and farm dog BEN ISDS 220939 (click on Ben's name to read about him) and out od T.R. Lawrenson's Tillymauld Nell 241682.
Pearl is a delightful dog with a wonderful temperament. She cannot do enough to please you-and is never any trouble at all. She mixes well with other dogs and is especially at home when surrounded by puppies.As you can see Lucy is very much like her mum in looks.
Glen is off Scottish Team Member Davidson's Cap 201111, M.Caul and out of Gael 192892 N.G. McEwan. He is a terrific and wonderful dog with a wonderful temperament and smooth style. He has an excellent long out run and his close work is brilliant.
When ever Glen appears at trials he draws comments from other handlers for his smooth style and natural ability to control sheep with-out commands.
Glen is a pleasure to have around- utterly trustworthy and best described as a gentleman.

Benowned by Derek Scrimgeour is a tremendous hill and trials dog, kind but very positive in his handling of the sheep, He is also proving to be a great stud dog and his offspring's are already winning trials.
Ben'soffspring's include Mike Hubbards Killibrae Tim and Denis Jenkin's Dell of Killibrae.
Ben was fifth in the 2002 Supreme International Championship as qualified again the next year. He has won one of England's most difficult double lift trials twice and has also the Yorkshire Championship.
He is a very brave dog and can handle the most awkward cattle.I have now decided to work and train Lucy myself as Charlie wants to work my Bailey..........Charlie and I have made the decision that Lucy is more suited to being handled by me. After Charlie getting down hearted in the way Lucy gets too excited when working with him it was in the best interest for me/her to have her back so on the Thursday of SupaDogs I took over and what a difference it made she is so more responsive to a woman handler. All she needs to do now is learn to pick up the first weave pole and she is going to start winning them classes. I have great faith in her ability to work well for me and I know we will be a great partnership together.Update on Lucy's progressSince taking on Lucy's training we are now definitly getting it together, Lucy had an amazing novice agility run at Caerphilly on Saturday 22nd July which she would have won by 1.1/2 seconds if it hadn't been for a pole coming off at the end of the round. She did it in 21.09 seconds. WoW was I delighted with her.Charie ran Lucy in Novice jumping judged by Pauline Barr on Saturday 4th August at Scunthorpe show, what an amazing run it was too, Lucy took the last but one pole out, she did the run 23.65 secs and would have won the class by over a second.
We are certainly knocking on the door for seniors!!!!!!!!What can I say about this great girl, well for starters she has gone up another gear and is definitly leaving me for dust, not sure if my brain or mind can keep up with her speed but what I am very sure of, this is a dog in a million and boy, if and when she does get it right, watch out everyone she is "Dynamite"


Tia Lucy's sister owned by Denise Wilkinson.TIA HAS JUST QUALIFIED FOR THE OLYMPIA NOVICE FINALS 2006.


Two great pictiures of Lucy, She is such a happy dog and just wants to please all the time.

 Denise and Tia.
Just a quick note to let you know how we got on at the Burgess Supadog final.  Second by 100th of a second.  I should be chuffed to bits (which I am with Tia) but totally peed off with second places and by so little time too.  Couldn't blink that fast!! Never mind she's a little star.

Lucy's sis Tia with her second place in the SupaDogs finalsLucy and Inc taken today June 29th 2008, these two are so close it's such a dream to watch mother and son loving each others company regardless.

Lucy with litter bruv TeeJay July 2008

Love this shot of Lucy july 2008.She looks so happy

TeeJay and Lucy

Do I smell then Lucy????