A few miscellaneous photo's....

Lucy & Her Litter mates


Lucy & litter mates

Lucy and her litter mates

Lucy @ 3wks old in my arms.

Me holding Lucy @ 3wks old

Jane and Keeta Olympia 2005.

Even agility dogs need time out! Olympia 2005

Three generations, Teak, Bailey and Trio.A few of the first litter of Bailstails, Trio, Riker, mum Bailey, Trio, Jamie and Keeta.

Sally, Riker, Sue, Typsy, Deena, Ryan and big brother Trio lying down.

Trio, Keeta join the 2nd litter  

Di, Beryl, Janet,Meg, Cassie,Sue, Charlie and Tyler, Crufts Flyball Team

Jane, Keeta, Pat and Cass, Olympia 2005

Kep, Lucy & Teak

My Beautiful Lucy on the left and her sister Tia on the right.Tia relaxing after a hard days work.......

Deena and her dogs l/r Ryan, Connor, Libby and Meg.

Charlie & Tyler, 3rd place Jane, Charlie, Keeta and Tyler award winners.

Charlie judging

A few pictures of the first litter.

Top Left, Charliejudging, Top right few pictures of the first litter, above a few trophies and rosettes.

Our dogs, sadly Patch the blue merle is no longer with us.

R.D.T.C. Crufts flyball team.
Rugby "A" flybal team.

R.D.T.C. Demo Team

R.D.T.C. Most are still members

Bailey's dad's (Chox) parents both ISDS lines.

Libby at the top, Connor, Meg (Deena;s Dogs) our Trio and Bailey.

Bailey and Tyler, picture taken at clubThis time Bailey sitting and Tyler lying down.

Discover Dogs 30/11/97, we all ran for Pedigree ChumRugby Blues, 3rd place quaified for Crufts @ Hemel show Aug 1995, back row, Pat, Jan, Janet, Mary-Lou, front row, Maggie, Beryl and Charlie.

R.D.T.C. Crufts Team Winners 2004. front Charlie, Tyler, Trio, Sue, Becky, Alan.
Back (Res) Deena, Connor,   Mary and Kizzy.

Just a quick note to let you know how we got on at the Burgess Supadog final.  Second by 100th of a second.  I should be chuffed to bits (which I am with Tia) but totally peed off with second places and by so little time too.  Couldn't blink that fast!!

Never mind she's a little star.   Denise and Tia.