BailstailsBambam Fanku Mam

D.O.B. 24th July 2007Owned by Michael Bye.
KC AH 03594605
Bambam ISDS 290471
Aka "Hells Angel" If you would like to see Bambam's agility training(jumps on the ground) see clip below:

Well, we have had Bambam for about 4 weeks now and what can I say. 
I was slightly concerned that Bambam seemed to be the quiet one of the litter and wondered if I had made a mistake by having her. 
OMG was I proven wrong. 
This little bitch is totally manic, she has turned our house and our life upside down, she does everything at 100 mph. The other dogs hate her and won't come into the living room when she is there, purely because they are scared of this tiny black and white thing that hurtles after them like some kind of heat seeking missile!! 
She has been out and got herself 3 piercings, 2 tattoos and a Harley Davidson motorbike, she has also joined the local Hells Angels Chapter to occupy her before she starts agility training. 
On the plus side though, she just loves to learn things and is so quick to pick up commands, she is also very loving and kissy. She has so much brain power and is constantly wanting to do things, I just hope this continues so that I can channel this intelligence into her agility training. 
I will have to have my wits about me to get it right or you will see me in a couple of years time on the agility circuit trying to keep up with a black and white blur that looks like a jack russell on Cocaine!! Michael.

Bambam is owned and loved by Michael Bye, Michael is going to train Bambam for agility, he is also training her to do obedience once she had had all her injections. Bambam is now home with Michael and his wife Sue, she has settled in beautifully, they adore her as you can see by the piture of dad and the new girl in his life "Bambam".  Michael says about Bambam that she very rarly sleeps, wants lots of play and stimulation,
Bambam is a very quick learner, if you don't give her your attention she barks or pulls everything into her cage uptil she gets it, what a clever girl, good luck Michael I think your going to need it with this very inteligent and very pretty new girl in your life.

Bambam pulling on my trousers trying to get my attention.Bless

Bambam checking out her new surroundings, the calm before the storm.

Exploring her new garden, Bambam checking out her new surroundings.

Who lives in a house like this??? Bambam does,, plenty of room to cause mayhem
Bambam's new home, plenty of space to run around and cause trouble as I'm told she  already is, as the horns have already grown.

A rare picture of Bambam resting, she is re-charging her batteries for later Tiring being a naughty puppy all the time, so I'm re-charging my batteries for later, watch out "I'll Be Back". Bambam at 14 weeks old, ever the little terror!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doesn't Bambam look a cool type of pup?? Don't be fooled by this calm look. Bambam has a wonderful look on life, she enjoys life to the full.

How cute am I???
Dad Michael has his work cut out with this little live wire. Bambam's so keen to work she now know's very fast downs,sits,twist left/right stays and send away's, she is soo inteligent she will not let you rest until she has your sole attention.
Good luck Michael your going to need it with this wondeful Lucy look-a-like in every sence of the word..

Bambam is 16 weeks old today, happy monthly birthday Bam. Bambam with her friend Bling who is Sue's new addtion from Astra breeding,
Bam and Bling get on so well together Ahhhhh!!!
Bam is one day older than Bling, happy monthly birthday bling for tomorrow.

When this is the only way you can get Bambam to keep still, at least you could smile for the camera. Thanks Michael for these great pictures of Bambam, she is growing so beautifully, legs to die for and looks to match. Bam is fine, still totally off her head and still bullying Bling. I am very jealous of Bambam because her training is unbelievable in agility. I can't even get Bling to lie down on command, never mind a wait etc. Sue

Bam looks so much like her mum Lucy in this picture it's like watching Lucy growing
up all over again. Don't be fooled by this angelic look, Bam is a real terra

What are those ear's going to do????
Oh please not pricked ear's, Oh well spose one of them had to have them LOL. Not sure what Bam is thinking but you can bet it's very naughty though.