Bailstails Bfor Barley

D.O.B. 24th July 2007
Owned by Wendy Harris
KC AH03594601
Barley ISDS 290472

Barley is a fabulous puppy, beautifully put together, highly intelligent, and very very lively, with a little sensitivity. Just the right combinations.
She is everything I could wish for in a pup, and I look forward to an exciting future with her. Thank you sooooo much Sue and Lucy, for producing such an amazing puppy.

Barley is owned and much loved by Wendy Harris.
Wendy work her dogs in Obedience at Ticket level, hope Barley works her little heart out to achieve the same standard.Just a little of what Wendy has said about this wonderful pup.Barley had her first jab this morning. John, my vet, gave her a good going over (whilst he was listening to her heart, she was chewing through the stethoscope lead) She was absolutely A1 as expected.
I took a photo of John cuddling Barley, but it hasn`t come out, damn and blast. Nevermind, will try again in a fortnight when she has her second jab. It was quite a job getting out, as three vet nurses also wanted to cuddle her!!!I can`t believe how good she has been. She is totally clean in the house, is very laid back in the car, and was very good when I took her training last night. She loves playing tuggy, and would rather be with me than my dogs. It dosn`t matter what she is doing in the garden, the second I call her, she`s there. Obviously I watch her like a hawk in the house, as like most collie pups, chewing wood is a favourite, and she won`t be the first to redesign the odd chair and table leg!!

Barley loves her gardening, Alan Titchmarsh eat your heart out!!!!!

AHHHH that was a nice cuppa, just what I needed before starting the gardening again. Brains as well as BEAUTY, thats our Barley.

Barley after a hard days gardening, this is what you get when you work to hard, bless.

This is a veiw of Barleys new Home "Culverwood Cottage"

I am doing a training day tomorrow. Barley isn`t going to like it when she is used to having complete freedom for most of the day. I`ve got a four feet by four feet puppy pen, which she will have to go in. At least she will sort of be with me, on the stage, whilst I`m teaching. I expect she will cause mayhem, we shall see. She`s been with me to Selmeston hall on a Tues night, when I train my girls. We let her run round the hall last night, with lots of dogs around, and she was totally into me. Good little girl. Most of the time she is a little hooligan. She loves having a pluck at Tills and Penny, she daren`t quite do it to Keltie.Off in the caravan Friday lunchtime, for the weekend. That will also be interesting!!!

Barley's first week-end away with mum Wendy, this is what Wendy had to say:She was a very good girl, considering she is used to running about all day. Twin Sis was very impressed with her, and now wishes she had booked one of your bitch puppies, as was John Higgins our mentor. John dosn`t like the ISDS collies for Obedience, but he said "there is nothing about her that I don`t like" He sat on the grass with her for ages. In fact everyone who has seen her thinks she is lovely. She celebrated being home Sunday night by tearing round the house at breakneck speed for half an hour, then poohed on the lounge carpet

Barley at 12 weeks old, her legs are starting to get longer by the day

How cute am I, Barley starting to look like a grown up girl at 12 weeks old. Beautiful head shot of Barley with those very soft brown eye's, she is soooo cute, she looks like butter wouldn't melt?????????????????? but we know better than that.

Barley, my gardener extraordinaire, with very sharp teeth, of a puppy, likes chasing the hoover plug when I`ve finished hoovering. I turnnthe hoover off one side of the kitchen and she waits by the plug the other side of the kitchen for me to unplug it. Thats damned clever isn`t it. She`s only 14wks old. Barley with her canine friends at home.

Don't be fooled by this calm looking pup she hasn't got this subtle look for nothing as her mum Wendy will tell you. What are these ears gong to do?? I think Barley looks more like her dad Bob than Lucy but as both parents have this type of ear carriage then who knows???

Beautiful Barley enjoying a splash about in the water with her older partner in crime.
Barley, taken lunchtime today Sunday 4th November 2007.
In the pond, in the wood at the back our house.
Barley's ears are carried different again!!!!!Wendy. Couldn`t resist sending this one, taken today 06-11-07.
She looks sooo sweet, she isn`t, but she looks it

Her ears are doing morse code!!!!

"I have a really hard life at Culverwood Cottage" Butter wouldn't melt!!!!!!Yesterday out on the patio, I did Barleys little bits, and then the other three wanted a go, especially as I had sausage. Called Tilly up to do a bit of Heelwork and the little black sod came shooting in and no way was she having Tilly doing anything. It was I`m here and I`m doing it, don`t really know what I`m doing but its me me me. She does make me laugh.Wendy

Barley found a friend while I was doing a training day. It was interesting watching madam Barls on Thurs, running about with loads of other dogs. She isn`t nasty in any way, but she was sussing out who she could dominate, and throwing herself upside down to those she couldn`t.
My hubby took to Barley almost straight away. Once he`s accepted them he then spoils them to death. Goes shopping on Weds to the local pet shop and comes back with bags of stuff (most of which I secretly lose<g>) He never calls them by name, except Keltie. Theres big puppet (Tilly) little puppet(Penny) and mini micro puppet (Barley)..
Yes I know, he`s sad!!! Pups are 16 weeks old today, Wendy while out walking took these two great pictures of Barley.

Barley's black is very black and her white is "glow white"and she has a face to die for.

Can't help it Barley is "GORGEOUS" bias I know but it's TRUE, "JMVHO" Barley now has a new hobby:::Interia Design.Barley has taken up interior design to add to her many talents.
She started stripping the wall paper off the landing last night, and there was me in the computor room next door thinking aaah, Barleys having a nice game with Tilly!!!!! Little sod.
I sat her down and gave her a good talking to tonight. She has free access to a very large garden all day until its dark, she has two walks a day, she has free access to all of the house from 5pm onwards, plus there are two toy boxes overflowing with toys, so ripping wall paper off the walls is a no no.
Why do I think all of that will not convince her!!!!Wendy.So if anyone interested in help in removing/stripping your wallpaper Barley is your girl
just contact Wendy. LOL. Barley out for walk with her canine family, Barley is 4mths old today Saturday 24th november.

Same walk as above but in the woods, the autum leaves make this picture just beautiful surroundings. Four months old how angelic does this gorgeous girl look, butter wouldn't melt???Just a few I took yesterday. 4mths tomorrow, dosn`t seem possible. Little bugger was running round the patio at 10pm last night, with a structural plant bigger than her, that she`d helped herself to. She`s soooo naughty.Ahhh Wendy, how can this lovely girl be naughty?????

Here`s your weekly dose of Barley super pup. Can`t have you getting withdrawal symptoms. I did one of my training days yesterday, up at Cambridge, and was she a little bugger all morning!!! She`s too big for the pen now, so she was tied up with the others, and bark!!!! did she, you`ve never heard anything like it. I had to instruct with her in one hand on the lead. I felt really guilty as she`s used to a lot of exercise and freedom, and the facilities at Cambridge Rugby Club are crap. We are not allowed anywhere near the pitches and have two small bits of rough ground which is horrid. I did let them play about in the hall at lunchtime, but its not the same as a good walk. Still, Barley made up for it when we got home and she`d had her dinner, tearing round the house like a lunatic and using Husband on the sofa like a sort of springboard, bouncing on and off!!! She`s got him right where she wants him.In this picture Barley is patting the water, she`s having lessons from Tilly, who does it all the time, well bashes hell out of it, which makes Barley bark her head off.

I travelled her the 106miles up there loose in the back of the car with Keltie. It did cross my mind that the back of the car might be somewhat chewed, but good girl, she didn`t chew anything. She has dug huge craters in the lawns. I fill them in every morning, and she digs them out again. Normal collie pup behaviour....little bugger.

Taken last night and today. How's this for a beautiful baby?!!
Taken in the winter sunshine a few minutes ago, late afternoon.

Someone (who is black with floppy ears and a spotted nose!) dug out the polyfiller in the hole in the wall this morning.IT WASN`T ME, must have been some other naughty puppy. Barley this morning in the frost. I`m sending her to night school after christmas to learn plastering!

As you can see from this picture Barley is not afraid to play in water, looks like she is enjoying every minite don't you think??? Not that I'm bias but this pic just shows off the alertness and eager look of inteligence,what a beauty she is turning out to be.

Another great shot of Barley playing in the stream. Angel with dirty face or is she???? This is what Wendy has to say::::Barley latest. She was running round the dining room last night, looking really pleased with herself, with a cross strut from one of the dining chairs. I`d been out in the afternoon to buy three more identical toys, to match the "must have at all costs" one they all wanted on Christmas day!!!!!! According to Richard hubby, it is NEVER Barley`s fault, its mine for not amusing her enough....WHAT!!!!!Good job I love her.Wendy

Barley with Wendy's grand-daughter Erin, how cute they look together. Barley cuddling her new duck, making sure none of her mates get their paws on it, Ah Bless.

Wendy, Barley and Co.Barley is the one lying down looking at mum to say go girls go!!!! Barley on the run!!!!

Barley tethered out while Wendy teaches on a training day, not sure Barley will stay this calm for much longer. LOL.
What a beautiful angelic face!!!!! Barley was a little star, totally 100per cent attention onto me when I worked her. I made John do a bit with her too. She`s coming along very nicely, the turns are not quite right yet but we are getting there. Meant to get someone to video but forgot. We are doing three days with John in about three weeks, I`ll take the vid cam then. John said "she`s as keen as mustard!!" When we`d done her HW she stood in the middle of the field looking at us, "I wanna stay out here, and is that all we`re doing" typical Barley.
Tied up on the stake she was a little sod, bored and didn`t know what to get upto next!!Lets see how many times we can tip the unspillable water bowl upside down

"The Loch ness monster" or monster!!!!
She is beginning to scare me in the pond, she goes so far out.