Bailstails Bindi
Owned by Gill Garraway
D.O.B. 24th August 2010
Obedience KC reg. AL04007305

Week 1 (age 8½ weeks) Bindi has been with us for just over a week now. She is very intelligent, responsive and like a coiled spring. Exactly what I had hoped she would be like.She is scared of nothing, including the builder’s pneumatic drill. She couldn’t understand why he was allowed to pull down an outbuilding, when she isn’t even allowed to chew the corner of the rug – doesn’t seem fair. Bindi is a very good puppy and settled easily into a routine. She already goes to the toilet on command and has had very few accidents. She settles well in her cage at sleep time and travels well in the car. She comes when called and also knows what `NO` means.When she plays she is completely CRAZY! She has loads of drive and focus, as she proved the other day when she mugged me for my cheese toastie – and won! That won’t be happening again but I was really please that she had the determination and courage. My other dogs gave her a hard time for the first few days - but she didn’t care. She worked out how close she could get to Tai without seeing his teeth and just settled for that at first. She has persuaded Saffy to play tuggy with her and Tai is slowly coming round. She is very good at creeping! Bindi is very gentle with the cat and they often sniff noses. So far everything is good. I taught her to retrieve today – she looks so cute with her own tiny dumbell.

Bindi sitting nicely in the garden

When mummy 1st came to visit and chose me, I'm a very happy puppy

So cute

I'm so clever, I can retrieve a dumbell now

With my new canine family, Saffi and Tai.

Close up, so cute

I'm so pretty

Lets see if I can chew this