Bailstails Bobster Inc

D.O.B 24th July 2009
KC. AK03477903

Owned by Jill ParkerToday, 13th October 2009 is a momentus day!  3 weeks after living with The Bobster,  I witnessed my 9 year old spaniel cross ‘Millie’ invite him to play -  in the bathroom while I was cleaning my teeth.!  This was momentus because after looking after many Hearing Dog puppies the past, she has never wanted to play with any of them! The play went on for some time while I stood still and watched with a big grin on my toothpaste covered face!! Later on, whilst out walking, I was playing ball with my Spaniel‘Chaz’ and,  after avoiding Bobster up til now,  they started playing happily together.  So everyone and every dog has bonded in this family. Bobster is a very confident puppy who is not phased by other dogs, humans or children.  The only thing he really does not like are puddles!! Bobster is my first Border Collie (having been a gundog person)  and I am wondering why I havn’t had one before as I am really enjoying him, so thank you Sue and Charlie.He always wakes up for fun and games at 10.30pm just when I want to fall into bed!!  He is a star and never wakes us up at night,  and has NEVER messed in the house even when he's had an upset tum!!  I can't tell you how much we love him!!  He really is so quick at learning,  I am going to have to be one step ahead and have a training regime set in place to keep his mind occupied.
Bobster is really part of the furniture now and was playing with a cocker pup yesterday which he really loved.
Training again today, so Bobster can come and watch and learn!!  Meet Jill and Bobster

This picture was taken the day Jill arrived home with Bobster as you can see he not only loves his mum he also loves his new bruv and sis

How I love to play with my new mummy and new bruv Charlie!!!!

Look what I can do mummy, don't I look gorgeous !!!!

I'm all grown up chewing on a big bone like big dogs do.

So that's how we clean the dirty dishes, when do I get a go, come on, my turn now, pretty please. 

Am I not the cutest pup ever, handsome just like my dad, we could be twins.