Bailstails Misread
Owned by Diane Bradley
D.O.B. 24th August 2010
KC reg. AL04007302

Stef and I collected Drift and Fizz on the 17 October 2010, which was good for the pups as they had each others company during the first two hour journey back to Cobham.
Drift however did let us know for a while that she was less than amused with the situation.
Having arrived at the car park in Cobham where I had met up with Stef and left my van Drift obligingly spent a penny on newspapers (what a star).
Drift and I then had a further hourís journey home which was completed without mishap or noise.

Once home I settled her in and offered her food which she did not want but was more than happy to have a game.
She then met my other five collies all of whom were interested but singularly unimpressed and ignore her, and still do.

Driftís favourite past-time in life is eating and by late afternoon her next meal was not left uneaten nor has any other meal since then.
I feed her in her cage as she is no shrinking violet and can be quite obsessive with her food and growls at the other dogs if they come close whilst she is eating.  (am working on this!)

Drift is very bright and bold and is a great thinker, she likes to sit on the back doorstep looking up the road watching the wildlife.
We have a sit, down and fast recall to her name (thanks to her food obsession).
She is my shadow and plays toys with me instantly whenever I ask.
House training is still very hit and miss.
She goes to bed at 10am without complaint and wakes me around 4.30am by playing with her toys and has done so since day one.
She starts puppy/socialisation classes on the 28 October at a local dog club.

To say I am delighted with her is an understatement and am really enjoying her, she is everything I wanted and more.
Thank you Sue for the time and effort you put into the pups before we collected them it really is paying dividends.

Drift and Misty

Drift and Kep

Drift playing by herself

Drift pulling the cover off the carpet

Drift and litter sisters sleeping

Drift taken at 8wks old with Diane.

Drift now nearly 5mths old, looking all grown up 13th Jan 2011

Drift(on right) with sis Fizz, having a great reunion 13th Jan 2011

Drift(on right) playing face off with sis Fizz 13th Jan 2011

Drift(left) with sis Fizz and mum Diane 13th Jan 2011