Bailstailstails Fizz
Owned by Stefanie Dawson
D.O.B. 24th August 2010
KC reg. AL04007303

We collected Fizz and Drift together, which meant they had company on the way home. They had a short moan but then slept the rest of the 3 hour journey ‘down south’.
I brought Fizz straight into the garden and allowed the big dogs to have a good sniff to see what I’d brought home. They soon got bored of her and she started off down the garden. She found the grass odd at first but soon started running around after leaves and chomping on plants – I went rushing around taking leaves from her trying to remember which plants are poisonous and mustn’t be chewed!
She settled in really quickly but refused to eat anything, wanting to be cuddled instead.
I had a puppy pen for her with a comfy bed, toys, puppy pad etc and I put her in it for her first night after she had fallen asleep. She must have been really tired as she stayed asleep and slept all night. I kept waking up listening for her so didn’t get much sleep but thought we had cracked the nighttime thing.
She woke up bright and early the next day accusing me of not feeding her the previous day and wolfing her breakfast down and then trying to relieve the big dogs of theirs. She is really passionate about her food and unless I hold her will be racing to the big dogs bowls and eating theirs as fast as she can. I am impressed with them as they are very patient and stand back and let me deal with her.
She mastered a very good recall on her first day as I kept some small treats in my pocket and she comes racing when called. It has been really beneficial that Sue called them by their names from 4 weeks.
I put her to bed confidently on her second night only to be woken up at 1am to a distressed little girl. I took her in the garden and gave her a cuddle and put her back to bed. She was fine as long as I sat nearby but wouldn’t let me go back to bed. She did eventually fall asleep and I crept back to bed (I’m sure I used to do that when my kids were babies!)
I got the feeling she didn’t feel particularly secure in the pen so the next night I tried her in a cage with a covered top. She was much happier and only woke me up if she soiled or wanted to go in the garden.
The last 2 days she has slept all night!!
She has been up to all sorts on scrapes during her first week and seems to be the fastest thing on 4 legs – one minute she’s beside you, the next at the end of the garden and the next back again and past you.
The other dogs are all fine with her although the poodle really wishes I’d send her back as she shares privileges only the poodle had previously (on the bed in the morning and sitting room access). The next youngest collie is also going around with a ‘you don’t love me anymore’ expression on his face as he was the baby of the pack.
She seems to love the oldie (almost 16) and runs round after her, getting really excited when she tells her off. The other dog and bitch both love her and spend lots of time playing with her and allowing her puppy liberties. Not sure how long this will last as she is very bold!
She has been out for a walk each day with the big dogs in a specially designed front carrier. This has been great as she's able to see what is going on outside, but not so good for my back!
It’s over a week now and I have caught up on some of my sleep – she is always on the go or asleep then on the go again. She loves her toys especially squeakies and is tuggy mad. She has had my friends round and been visiting my friends and family and after a few minutes of assessing the situation she becomes totally confident – even with my friends 5 fairly dominant boys.
She is really a joy to live with (unless you are a poodle), a real live wire (I forgot to say she sat in on an agility class and got really excited) and a really clever girl.
Thanks, Sassy and Inc and of course Sue!

Let me in, I wonna play

Arrr I can crawl underneith ha, ha

My 1st real bone, not gonna share this

I will get that bone off you, you'll see

Sleepy times

Me with my mums froend, I'm trying out the puppy carry bag

Hello, it's meeeeeee

OK, we'll share 

Don't beat me up you bully He,He 

Night, night zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I love playing tuggy 

Fizz having fun in the snow

Fizz and friends in the snow

Fizz saying lets play

Fizz all tired out from playing with sis Drift 13th Jan 2011

Fizz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 13th Jan 2011