Bailstails Monster Inc

D.O.B. 24th July 2007
Owned by Charlie Wyatt
KC AH03594601
Inc ISDS 290468
DNA clear for CEA/CH, TNS and CL.
Hip score 3-3
Perfect Scissor bite.

We decided to let Alan choose his boy pup first but all the time hopeing it would be Tickle, at five weeks old Alan told us which pup he wanted and to our great delight we are now the very proud owners of Inc, Inc appealed to us from day one as we wanted a male pup to use as a stud dog when all health checks have been completed.
I don't usualy go for solid type dogs but Inc is an exception, he is so calm when wanted but oh so naughty most of the time.
His best mate is his mum Lucy who adores this little chap, he can do almost anything to her without getting into trouble from her.
Inc is so good when put in his cage to rest, he never barks or screams to come out, he loves going to club on agility training night as he has soooo many friends who adore him, he just runs around at the end of the evening not knowing who to go to for a fuss first.
Inc has now had all his injections and can go out so we took him for his very first walk with Lucy and all he wanted to do was investigate everything.
Others were walking their dogs and Inc couldn't resist saying hello to both people and dogs.
We went to a non KC agility show where they allow you to take your pups in and walk around, Inc just loved the attention and stopped at everyone just to get his fuss, he made friends with other pups a little older and they had a great time playing and getting very dirty, he watched people working their dogs around the courses and never bated an eye lid, he behaved Impeccably, he was a little star and we love and adore this great littlechap so much.

Charlie with his new boy Inc

Inc has settled well after a bad day or so after all his litter mates had gone, on the Sunday he seemed very down, he wouldn't eat or drink until the early evening when Lucy decided to step in and play with him, since then he has been a little star, we love this boy so much we can't imagine life with-out him now.

Lucy playing with her son Inc for the first time since her babies have gone to their new homes.
Lucy and Inc are inseperable now.

Inc is such a stunning little boy we just couldn't resist keeping him.

Inc thinking of taking a nap under the table

Inc trying out his teeth on a new bone

We went to visit Michael and Sue on Sunday 28th October for the after-noon to see how the two pups would get on together, they were quite wary of each other to start with but soon settled down to a good rough and tumble together.
Inc is so calm and gentle he is a pleasure to own, he just loves to play with mum Lucy.

This is Inc at nearly 14 weeks old, he is stalking his sis Bambam.

It's Inc's monthly birthday today 13th November 2007, he is 16 weeks old, make it a good one Inc'y
Above, Inc trying to rest, come on birthday boy "wake up" Inc looking sooooooo handsome but where did he get those green eye's from???

This is what Lucy and Inc usually look like, him on top biting her neck, Lucy is so good with him and rarley tells him off unless he hurts her, BLESS.
As you can tell Lucy is so out of coat but we still love her. Don't know why but Inc looks a little sorry for himself but still looks cute.

As you can see from this picture Inc is only half the size of Kep (big ears) but then he is only 16 weeks old so a lot of growing up to do, all our dogs get on brilliantly together.
Roodi the Kelpi on the chair trying to get some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz's Inc's new Bling collar and lead set.

Inc in his new grown up collar and lead set, what a very handsome lad he looks.
Inc's new set is from "Pimp my Doggie" web site details on my links page.

Inc has an obsession with water, everytime he hears the shower turned on this is what he does, he is soooo funny as he tries to catch the water as it cascades down, he is just as bad when we hose the garden, yet he never plays or emties the drinking bowls, it has to be running water to get his attention. Thought I'd send you the latest pic's of my well behaved "Inc" who is sooooo tired after his after-noon walk with me and a few of the other dogs, he kept trying to keep up with Lucy but she is like a rabbit dodging from side to side to avoid him catching up with her, he was totally shattered after the walk and even the other dogs running around while I was taking this pic didn't disturbed him at all bless.

Inc stands as tall as Lucy now and she is 20" from the shoulder, he looks smaller as he hasn't developed length wise but he looks like his going to be a decent size dog without being on the large size.
Inc's coat is quite wavy and slightly on the cause side so he should have a good water-proof coat. Lucy keeping a close eye on Inc as he sleeps, Lucy is such a great mum and even grooms him while sleeping.

Inc as he now looks, very handsome, very relaxed and so very gorgeous to me. Inc out side looking at the others running around thinking I'll be joining you very soon

Inc still sitting very still but not for long LOL