Bailstails Jessie
Owned by Barbara, Bill and Lindsay Laird
Very active out door walking and lots of loving.
D.O.B. 24th August 2010
KC reg. AL04007306

Jessie has settled in really well and has us all in the palm of her tiny paws.
We have had so many visitors to see her and she has coped well with all of them.
She did especially well with Bill's 6 yr old granddaughter ( she lives with a Doberman so is used to dogs).
The potty training is progressing nicely, Jessie will now sit by the patio door when she needs to go out and we have very few accidents now.
I just need to be vigilant and keep an eye on her.
Jessie has grasped basic commands with voice and hands and has carried the lead around the garden...she was trying to bury it one day...I dont know what she was trying to say...!
She is still fond of biting everything but we are sure she will grow out of this, any tips?
Having the cage has been great she goes in when I do the ironing, this takes the worry out of that.
Jessie happily sleeps in it at night.

 We all certainly love having her around she has brought a lot of fun back to the house.


My new cage

My new bed

Very tired after a lonh journey home zzzz

Another new cushion, I'm so spolit

Snuggling down zz

sleepy head zzz

Another new bed for sleeppppppppping on
Found another good place to sleep, no chewing though <s>

Me and my mummy xx

Look at me, I sit really good now

On my walk, look no lead xx