Jet - Bailstails Summatime Breeze

D.O.B. 24th July 2009
KC AK03477902
Owned by Dean Williams
Walking/Jogging and hopefully agility.
owned by Dean Williams and his lovely family.

Read what Dean and Family have to say about the gorgeous Jet.
 Jet had a reasonable first night, he whined a bit to start with, I stayed with him for a couple of minutes then fell asleep. 
I did end up in the kitchen all night but it was his first night alone. 
We shall get him more used to the cage and being in the room without us today.He met poppy (the cat) last night, she hissed at him, that just made him more inquisitive, he keeps on trying to go near her but she just hisses and he moves away, I think they now have mutual respect. 
Poppy never has a go but she is like this with some people as well.He's such a character and the joy this morning when he came out was wonderful.
He has been with me at work this week and is wonderfully behaved, he has met lots of people and likes them all. 
Hes even sniffing noses with Poppy (the cat) all be it under supervision.
I am bearing the war wounds, we were playing the other evening and my ear must have looked very tasty, it now looks like I have had an earring pulled out sideways. 
Obviously not his fault.
DeanLatest update on Jet:::Jet was fantastic over the holidays, he even left the Christmas tree alone! He wasn't too bothered about the girls presents as he had so many himself. 
He did enjoy the turkey but not the sprouts!
Jet is maturing into a very handsome boy, his puppy fur is going and he is getting a wavey coat, he needs it in the snow.
Jet is off the lead in the parks now, he is amazing and loves meeting his friends. 
He loves the snow and looks really great chasing around the park as his black coat is an amazing contrast against the snow. 
He isn't bothered about anything else in the park and just focuses on the family and the games, especially with his favourite toy. 
He occasionally chases birds but soon comes back when called, the only thing that gains his attention is people playing football.

Jet playing in his new garden, he is sooooo handsome.

How about this for a beautiful pose, Jet looks stunning and certainly not photo shy.

Wow do I look good even from a top view, mmmm I am gorgeous arn't I !!!!

Do you like my pink nose, cute isn't it, I'm sure it will go black as I grow !!!!

Can't find a hole to get into this but I'll keep looking, you never know there might be food in there somewhere ??

I love my cuddles, mmmm I'm feeling quite tired having my ear tickled.


Think I'll have a walk around to get used to my new garden, wonder if anyone is about to play with??

Couldn't find anyone to play with so getting some shut eye till later.

OH goodie found someone, now we can have fun together now I've had a bath Yippy !!!

I'm sure it was in here somewhere, I'll find it soon I know I will??

I'm playing with my new toy's. not sure which I like best though!!

Lovely pose, look how gorgeous I am, I can sit like this for hours.

I'm sure there's a way in somewhere, I'll find it soon and start eating those flowers.

See I can look good standing too, how cool am I.

What's that over there, must be something interesting, might go and see in a mo!!!

Feel better now I've had my dinner, I love my new posh bowls , do you??

That was yummy, now I can take a nap before playing again, life is such fun.

I love you Daddy, kissy, kissy.

come on cat, lets playyyyy.

Cor, I like this new ragger, wonder who wanys to play with me.

Who can I annoy now.

Come on dad, lets play

These taste good whatever they are, I love to chew Ha,Ha

OK, I'll play by myself then.