Bailstails Cleopatra
Owned by Lorraine Abbot
D.O.B. 24th August 2010
KC reg. AL04007301

I picked Luna up 2 weeks ago on the 24th October.
After a few car problems we made the long journey back to Pembrokeshire,Luna slept all the way back.
I took her inside to meet Molly my other border collie, and my husband Phil.
After no time at all she had settled in and had a good meal.

Her first proper day here was very tiring, she met our flock of sheep and our chickens.
She ‘helped’ with some gardening and we went for a ride in the car.

She has been on the beach at low tide a few times and has no problem with the waves, she is very friendly to everyone she meets and is definitely full of mischief.
She has a very good appetite and loves to play, which does make training her easier, and she loves the clicker.
We are hoping to start puppy classes very soon.

I am very happy with my little Luna, thank you to Sue, Sassy and Inc for all the hard work.

Luna had her first experience of snow yesterday.
Her and Molly had loads of fun playing in it.
It was so deep in places where it has drifted that Luna almost disappeared.
We have had our 2nd puppy class today.
She is learning new things all the time, her favourite trick at the moment is a twizzle!
Her shepherding instincts are coming through, she was trying to balance our sheep when we were feeding them yesterday - at least she wasn't chasing them!
She is growing so fast and coming on in leaps and bounds it is wonderful to watch xxxxxxxxxxx

My 1st adverture at my new home

My first time out in the snow

Come on Molly help me find it

So much fun in the snow

Wait for me Molly

Molly where are you

Arr found you

On my own again

Snow's nearly all gone now

I'm so pretty


Shall we play ball

Is their sheep over there

I'll wait

Looking alert

Me and Molly watching the sheep

Me and Molly warming up

Me just chilling

Name that tune

Yes, I'm adorable

To cute

Washing the dishes

Me and Molly hanging out together

So adorable, yes that's me

Molly and me again

Come on Molly, find me

What you looking at Molly???

I can find it, look !!

Infront of the wood burner, so warm


Still sleep, it's so warm here