Bailstails Varvel Star
D.O.B. 24th July 2009

Jimmy now has a new owner/home, he is going to be trained for agility and live on a farm with plenty of land to play on with his new mum and doggy friends, what a very lucky boy he is.

I'm looking ver grown up now, please let me be your best friend.

Cute or what ????

Meet Catlin, watching me eat my dinner.
My fav toy, my blue bat

Meet my new cage mate, the black/white cat, we look-a-like don't we.

Me giving Catlin a love, a tender moment, cute.

If I hide here they won't see me chewing my new lead.

Dinner time, just finishing off.

Better watch so they don't pinch my dish before I've finished eating.

Playing with my new family, I love them so much, life is so much fun here.

See I can still play while being cuddled.

Eating a bone and fussed at the same time, heaven

I love my ear being tickled, so relaxing

Me and my fav toy again.