Bailstails Second Chance

D.O.B. 24th July 2009
KC AK03477905
Hiking/Hill Walking
Owned by Ted Richards

I've been with my new owners, Ted and family, for ten days now and have settled in well.  They've never had a dog before so it's been up to me to teach them what to do.  The first three or four days were pretty hectic but things have settled down into a nice routine now though they still look tired.  I miss my mum and dad terribly, particularly on the first couple of nights, but now I mainly sleep through till about 6.30.  If I do wake ant night someone comes to sit with me and I soon nod off again. Their garden is good.  I thought it was full of food on storks to begin with but I get told off if I try things. 

The latest adventure is going for walks.  My little legs get tired quickly.  I wish my owners had read that page in the book before and not after they took me out.  I love meeting my new friends in the park, both human and canine, and loads of people know my name already.  My owners have lived here for 25 years and never spoken to these people before - very strange.  I've a great trick when I've had enough.  I lie on the ground with my legs splayed out.  It's like I've been glued to the floor and there is no shifting me.  Let's hope they don't read the page in the book on how to solve that little problem for a while.  I'm told I'm being taken to Puppy Training Class starting next week.  On one hand I'm looking forward to it, meeting new friends, but I somehow feel I may not get my own way as easily from there on in.  I'll let you know how it goes.

A smashing border collie pup called Shadow is therefore my companion in the day time and the centre of attention and conversations in the evenings.  His parent's are big on agility training and his grandfather was Llangwm Bob, World Sheepdog champion; a lot for a little ball of fur to live up to.  He's looking forward to climbing some mountains when he gets bigger. He loves his walks and play but is incredibly greedy and snaffles continuously. Given that we have just found a condom in his poo, it looks like he may be training himself to be an international drug smuggler rather than a sheepdog.



I'm so clever, I'm in the shade while the others are running around getting "HOT" he, he, he.

It can't see me, if I'm quiet I think I can get it!!!!

Shadow (front), Misty, Inc and Lucy

I'm so cute, just look at me when I pose, handsome eh!!!!

Now they'll never find me hiding in these flowers.

I dunno, some people can't take the pace, I'm the youngster that needs to sleep and grow and it's dad who can't stay awake, never mind I'll show him when he wakes up.

look how handsome I am in my new name tag with  farm yard curtains as a back ground, anyone would think I'm a real sheep dog with this theme <lol>

I can go walkies now but I do get tired, I'll get used to it soon tho,
do you like my new harness and lead, great eh!!!!.

Shadow all grown up and just loveing the snow Dec 2010

Whoooo I just love catching snow balls Yippy Dec 2010