BailstailsFastforward Tai
D.O.B. 24th July 2007
Owned by Kurt Vervloessem In Belgium
Sheep Hearding/Agility.
KC AH03594603
Tai ISDS 290470
DNA Clear for CEA/CH, TNS and CL.


Here's a summary of the last weeks:
She made her first steps on Belgian soil at about 11h30 am after a long exhausting voyage, and still had a 3 hour drive to get home.
At about 3 o'clock at night we treid to introcue her to our other dogs, but that was a wrong idea, she being very tired, a bit scared an very unsure, we layed her to sleep in her bench in our bedroom.
On sunday we had a show in the neighbourhood that we went to, an we "ofcourse" took her with us, she was very timid and unsure, so we thought she was really a very timid, shy, little helpless puppy, she sleped most of the day. 
Ater coming home,we treid the introduction to the others and the house & garden again, to see how she would react, wow, it was like we braught another puppy home
She also found a new mom/best friend, our youngest "Wicka" the way they play together...
The garden looks like "the Cambodian minefields" by now and she even succeeded into redecorating ou livingroom, our black leather couch was not flashy enough for her, so she bit a giant hole into it, to give it another look. She turned out to be a fashion expert too, a pair of trousers of Eva that weren't into fashion anymore, well she ripped them to pieces while Eva was wearing them 
On shows and at our training club she has gotten a well deserved nickname:"the biter" cause while everybody wants to cuddle her "she is so cute" all she does is biting in their hands and arms. And the "brave ones" who dare to ask for a kiss... well the number of people with scars on their nose increases by the week

So she turned out to be the lovely,wild, untamed pup that we wanted.
Would'nt miss having her for the world, and we both love her to death.

Tai is doing very well, behaving sometimes good but mostly a bad girl ;-)
We went to the 'childrens-farm' last week, I don't know how you call it, a farm with all kind of animals that the public can visit. She was learned a lot of new animals but she only liked the rabbits.

On Sunday, I went to a 'forum-day' a day where we got together with a lot of people and dogs from a border collie forum, it was really fun, Tai liked everything and everyone.
There were some ducks to herd, but sadly, she was really afraid of them.

So people, dogs, traffic, noises are going very well, but other animals not so we have to work on that ...
She plays a lot with Wicka, her 'mum', they are sooooooooo cute together.

Had to add this as Kurt want to work Tai on sheep.

Had to add this as I think it's fantastic news as Kurt wants to work Tai on sheep::: 

Hi Sue 

Today, we've seen a little miracle !! 

Kurt was herding sheep with Nos, I was watching with Tia by my side, running and sniffing around. 
Suddenly she found a hole in the fence I think and she was running towards NOs, she is obsessed by herding our other dogs. 
We tried to catch her, but then, she looked at the sheep, looked to NOs, again at the sheep and she went off ... 
Running aroud the sheep, just following her instinct, listening to her genes and doing the thing she is supposed to do !! 

Woohew, it was wonderfull to see !!! 

It was not so easy to catch her again, she liked the game a lot ;-) 

From now on, she will be kept on the lead when we go to the sheep, she has to wait a few months now !!! 

Now, she is sleeping at my feet, dreaming about another new experience !! 

Greetings Eva. 

Good girl Tai, I knew you all had it in you, we are very proud you have found your natural flair for sheep-working. 

Tai is much loves by both Kurt and Eva in Belgium.
Just a few things that Kurt and Eva have said about Tai.

Tai is lying on my feet at the moment, she's tired of running around and playing with everything she finds ;-)
Eating well today !! 

She is really lovely and cute but also naughty as a pup should be !!
She had her first walk into the woods this afternoon with the other 6. Everything is going well, she cries when we put her in the bench, but she has to learn ...
Sadly, all the other dogs ingnore her completely, exept Wicka, she goes say hello to Tai now and then, I think in a few days she will play with her.

So everything is going well around here !!
Big kiss from Tai !!

Tai had a busy day again.
This morning, Kurt let her out, after that, he fell asleep on the sofa, when I got up, I saw she had bitten a hole in the sofa, bad girl !!!
This afternoon, my mother and sister went visiting her, she had a lot of cuddles and she liked it.
After that, we went to the vet to get her first injections, she behaved very well although she started chewing on the vets shoes ;-)
Just got back from training with Wicka, I took her with me to get used to everything, she played with an Aussie-pup and 'helped' building the course.
Now she is sleeping in the bench and I can get some rest ;-)

Wicka is turning into a surrogate-mum, she plays with Tai and protects her from the other dogs.

. How cute is Tai??
Beautiful girl!!!!!!!!!!!
Talk to me please!!!
Tai had her first 'caravan-weekend'.
We went away from friday till sunday evening.
She behaved very well, although she renovated the caravan a little bit ;-)

She isn't the cute, sleepy pup from last sunday, she is has a lot of temperament, wants to play with all dogs and people, running around, hanging in my jeans ...
She enjoys all the attention but she is already 'known' for her sharp little 'knifes' in het mouth. Whohow, she bites very hard.
Kim, the kid of one of our clubmembers, adores her and they like playing 'catch' together, nice to see them.

Everything is going well with that little biting monster, settling in very well, I can already not imagine a life without her ...

Kurt enjoys her a lot (don't know if he wrote you as he had a busy week) !!


Tai after re-designing the living room couch.
Naughty chewing machine.
A girl needs her sleep after chewing up the couch LOL.
Tai's new home in Belgium.
Time to cuddle up and sleep, night, night. 
This week Tai had her first puppy-lesson. She went in with her tail high, wanting to say 'HI' to everyone, she didn't understand the neighbours didn't play with her ... she looked and sniffed around a bit, very curious.
She responds very well to clicker training. She gets destracted quick but if I do something with her, I get her full attention, she is really a clever girl !!
Tai looking excited about going in the water for the first time.
 Here are some pictures of Tai from last week, her first 'water-experience'
Can I go in again please, I just love swimming, yippy 
It's very tiring be a puppy and having sooooo much fun but a girl has to recharge her batteries sometimes zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 


Tai in her herding mode, she looks like a real sheepdog now.
 Happy 16th week birthday Tai, today 13th November 2007.

Tai getting ready to stalk, great to see her instint coming at the tender age of 16 weeks.
Tai and Co. getting ready to work.