Bailstails It's Tickle Time

D.O.B. 24th July 2007
Owned by Alan Sherwin
KC AH 03594602
Tickle ISDS 290469


"Tickle arrived with us at 6 weeks old and has fitted right in with our pack which consists of 3 English Pointers, 2 Collies, 4 cats, and a 2 year old!

He is a confident feisty little devil who will certainly need firm control, incredibly bright and quick to pick things up and a has a great willingness to please.

We couldn't have wished for a more balanced puppy and look forward to continuing  with his training and starting his agility career.
More updates to follow."

Alan and Tickle, Alan adores this little chap and say's he is a wonderful pup to live and own.
Tickle settledin with Alan, Elaine and Jonathon from day one.
Alan and family can't imagine life with-out Tickle now.

Tickle playing with one of his new toy's, looks like he has made himself at home.

Elaine taking time out to get to know this great little guy after her agility training, as you can see they are well and truly loving each other company.

Tickle being very gentle with Jonathon whilst taking food from his hand, just goes to show puppy's and children do get on.

Alan took this picture of Tickle after he found what he thought was a safe place to go to sleep, Alan has called it "Road Kill" how cute does Tickle look.

What can I say about this great picture of Tickle, he looks so stunning but then again I am bias, Tickle certainly is a stunning little chap I'm sure you will all agree.

Alan sent this picture of Tickle today 5th November taken at 14 weeks old, what a cracking look of intencity, I love the way he is holding his ears such intelligence in his face.

Tickle is turning into the most gorgeous pup, what a cheeky look he has about him.

As you can see from this picture Tickle enjoys his walks, what a stunner he is.

Just look at these ears, the high tail and those long white legs, Tickle the very handsome man. 

Traci Gaunt with Dave & Alan Sherwin with Tickle today at a CaniX race.

Alan and Tickle got 2nd place in masters men and Traci & Dave got 3rd in masters female, yeh way to go guys xxx