Owned by Linda and Mike Gore.
                                                                                                                                            KC name Bailstails Zealous Zara
                                                                                                                                                   D.O.B. 24th August 2010
                                                                                                                                                        KC AL04007301

Formally:  Little Miss Orange, 
Registered:  Bailstails Zealous Zara
At home: Zara 

Mum: Sassy
Dad: Inc

We went to collect Zara at 11.00am on 17th October a Sunday morning; she had already been to visit a couple of times to meet our two black and white springer spaniels; Jerry a 12 year old rescue and Murphy 5 years old. The boys were quite interested in her pink fluffy toys but rather scared of Zara the monster with razor blades for teeth!

She has settled in as if she has been her for ever! Sue did a great job, nothing fazes her, bold a brass, loves meeting people, playing in the garden, eating my plants, killing all her toys and generally wrecking the place. She is a really loving little girl when she's asleep  - otherwise there's to much to see and do to be bothered to stop playing; if it moves bite it!

She has now been with us just over one week:

She can:
Ask at the door for a wee ... (Sometimes)
Give a paw

Take a running jump and get on the sofa!
Steal my slippers and run!
Wind up the other dogs to distraction!
Give great cuddles & kisses

Would I change her? ........Not for anything

Zara in her new home

Playing in the garden

Sleepy time

My new friends

Ready, steady gooooooooooooo

Looking adorable

resting on the hearth

Biting my daddy Mike

Sleep wih my bruv

Playing in the snow with my bruv

Don't I look like my daddy Inc xx

You bully's

Let playyyyyyyy

Looking very regal