KC name: Cories Roodi, DOB. 27-02-05. Red/Tri-. Australian Working Kelpie

Roodi is now back home where he belongs and he was very excited to see us all again, now his training starts for the comeing shows, he will start mid October at limited shows just to get him into the swing of things, Roodi loves training for agility lets see if he enjoys working in the shows as well, I will keep you updated.

Roodi is on holiday with his breeder Ann Jordan for a few weeks while Lucy is in season.
Ann took a few photo's of Roodi while out and about with her, here they are:

Not sure if Roodi is missing me yet????????

like he is enjoying himself too much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is Ann's border collie Kerri trying to take Roodi for a walk as you can see Roodi is not impressed.

I think Roodi is giving Kerri a dirty look in this picture as if to say leave me alone you bully.

I think Kerri has now given up on pulling Roodi about and has decided to lay down instead, wonder if these two will become great mates by the end of Roodi's holiday there.

Roodi today June 29th 2008, what a handsome boy he is

Roodi, Australian Working Kelpie.

It was May 2005, and we were setting up for R.D.T.C. Obedience show on the Saturday. I was taking a break and holding one of our club members pups, just having a cuddle, when Ann Jordan walks by with this small Kelpie pup off lead. He boldly walks over into our group and says hello to three collies who all started growling at him. He didn’t take any notice of them, and continued say hello, at this point I just assumed Ann had bought him in to train and help work her sheep. Not thinking any more about this little chap, then on Wednesday evening at agility training I was approached by a lady called Janet who told me if I was interested, the Kelpei pup was for sale. I promptly asked why would Ann want to sell her pup as she had only just bought him, Janet’s reply was, Ann bred him and he is the last one to be homed , well I jumped off my chair, rushed over to Ann and started asking questions about him. We made arrangements for me to visit Ann at home and see what he was like in his home environment. Well this little chap was very friendly, and greeted us at the gate, welcomed us in and started playing with me as if he had always known me. I instantly fell in love with this bundle of joy and asked if I could buy him there and then. Little was I to know what a naughty little chap he would turn out to be. Kelpi’s don’t come with guarantees, and boy are they naughty, they don’t miss a trick. He is up to everything, you can’t leave anything hanging around, he steals pens, soap, clothes, shoes, cds, remote controls you name it he, steals it. He jumps the stair gate, he eats his cage, he could eat for England, he is never still, escapes and if you go outside he screams if it’s not his turn to be exercised. People think you are killing him. All in all, he is a nutty pup, but I love every inch of him, and I know when he is old enough to train for agility his will be very keen. He has to be, his big sister from the first litter is Mark Douglas’s Ruby (Cories Ruby Tuesday) so he has a lot to live up to.
His best friend at home is Lucy, he adores her, his best friend outside the home is Deena Freemans
Young dog Jake, and when these two get together they are barmy and run riot , watch-out the loonies are about.

Roodi's Parents
Taboo x Chance

Roodi's Brother Milo

Roodi in his new rain coat!

Roodi's first session with sheep.....

Chance X Taboo last litter of Kelpi's, two boys two girls, 1 day old,
They are gorgeous and Chance let me hold them, they are so busy and squeaky, Chance is an amazing mum.


Something about the Working Kelpie ancestors
The Working Kelpie was formed in Australia by a number of very keen dog breeders in the mid 1800's. Although there were a lot of sheepdogs in the colony most did very little except to act as guard dogs for the flocks of sheep. At first Australia used shepherds to watch their sheep as had been the tradition in Britain but by the mid 1800's the large grazing properties were being fenced because of new laws coming into force and the sheep were less tame and needed to be gathered by stockman and their sheepdogs.

It was a period when the hard conditions in Australia and the rapid growth of the sheep population meant that effective dogs that could work the sheep were needed more than ever. Many of the dog breeds imported from Britain could not adapt to the work and would not stand up to the heat or the terrain. Many of them were not even sheep gathering dogs as we know sheepdogs today but were used as protectors of the flock or at best droving dogs. There was a huge demand for dogs that could actually go out and gather and hold sheep and move them from place to place. Fortunately, there were a number of people in Australia who strived to have the best sheepdogs and we owe these people a great debt. Today, it is estimated there are probably more than 450,000 sheepdogs working in Australia, the vast majority are Working Kelpies .

Sheep numbers in the State of New South Wales (NSW) more than tripled from five million to sixteen million between 1861 and 1871. By the 1890's there were sixty two million sheep. Huge properties and pastoral companies sprung up and some of these were over one million acres.

It must be stressed that the Kelpie breed was NOT formed from Border Collies. In fact the breed of Border Collies was not formed until some time after the Kelpie was well established. The two breeds however were both formed by mixing different strains of working Colleys in England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland and developing them to suit the needs of the situation. The Dingo is also thought to have played a part in some of the early development and certainly was involved by a lot of breeders at a later stage. (See separate section on 'Kelpie and the Dingo). The breed of the Kelpie was then developed from a number of different strains of good dogs especially for Australian conditions and Australian methods of handling sheep and stock and is an entirely Australian breed.

Great Headshot of Roodi taken @ Dordale April 2006 by Alan Score. My very handsome Roodi 14 months old April 2006 (Picture by Alan Score)

Jake and best mate Roodi, what a handsome pair they are, Dordale April 2006. (By Alan Score)