KC name, Racingred Rascal, DOB. 07-07-02. Red/White,WSD, eye's clear

Teak came 7th in Novice agility at Chipping Norton show on the 20th August 2006, what a great run it was, not bad for a young man with the start of arthritis in his right knee joint.


Grandmother, Bailey, Dad Trio, and Teak

Teak, son of Trio and Tishi. Well we were not going to have a pup at this time. So I intentionally didn't go to see the litter until approximately four weeks of age. I instantly fell in love with this gorgeous red tri puppy. How I could resist, he was beautiful and full of mischief, but a bit of a loner always sleeping away from the others and not fussy about being fussed. That soon changed when we got him home. He was clean from the start, Wendy had house trained them brilliantly never any mishaps an asked to go out straight away. Teak grew very fast and loved his training Obedience/agility always’ ready to work. Then we decided to have him castrated before we started competing. Poor boy he had a very bad reaction to the stitches, which caused a nasty infection that took forever to heal, which put his training back for awhile. We decided to train with Steve Crocksford over the winter months, and Teak came on a treat. Never missing his contacts and listened all the time. I thought, great, he will look amazing when we come out at eighteen old. Well was I mistaken, he was so wild and out of control, you would have thought that he had never been training at agility. So back to the drawing board with his training. I spent many an hour with Teak, constantly training the same thing over and over again until he got it right. We only trained small bits at a time. Things were looking good again, so we tried out more shows, not trying to win or anything like that. Things slowly started to come together and he won his first jumping round, then nothing for ages. Then he won his second jumping round, I thought this is it, we have got it together now. He is listening and responding well, until Easter of 2005 in Intermediate Agility he stumbled on the dog walk and tore off a claw exposing his quick. That put him out of competion for along time. He needed surgery on his right front foot to remove his nail and quick as it started to grow back at an angle, which would have caused more damage later on.
Teak came back very wary and was very scared of the dog walk as he associated it with pain. Gradually things got better and his confidence grew, but his dog walk is still very slow and he is now jumping off the seesaw. But we are now trying a different method hopefully that will work.
While training at the club grounds this week Teak broke off another claw, on the same foot, while on the dreaded dog walk, this time I will let it heal by itself, as I don't want him to lose another nail.
We bathe his foot three times a day in salt water, keep it covered in the day and let the air get to it at night. Bless this poor boy, he has had more than his fair share of discomfort one way and another.
I am proud to say this boy has qualified with his grandmother, Bailey, for the Adams Agility final 2006 by winning Dave Deville’s Adams Derby last year..

Teak, with dad Trio, and lucy on a walk

Teak was born on 7th July 2002 @ 8:30pm weighing in at 141/2 oz, here are a few baby pictures leading up to the day I picked him up on the 17th August.
He was bred by Wendy Clay now Fairlamb.

Young Teak and his favorite Bunny.

Kep, Lucy & Teak

Teak UpDate.

Easter at Dashing Dogs.
Teak had a 2nd place in novice jumping on the Saturday.
Monday again came 2nd in the Open Flick Flack beating nearly all the advanced dogs but One, you had to go clear in 20 seconds or less which made it a very tight course time.
Teaks time was 19.73, which meant he had a run off for second place,
I decided to go first to set the standard and Teak never let me down, putting in a better time than his first run at 19.35, the second handler had to push her dog harder to try and beat his clear time but they took a pole and started to relax giving Teak that second place, it not very often that Teak goes clear but when he does he is amazing to watch, I just love running this dog.


Teak came 2nd in novice jumping with Deena on Sunday 30th 2006.

Two great pictures of me and Teak competing in Novice agility at Golden Valley on 18th June 2006

Teak came third in Novice Jumping with Deena on Sunday 5th Aug at Scunthorpe show 2006.
Deena ran Teak because I had a back injury after my third run of the day on the Saturday.

KC Agility Club Week-end

Teak had a hard luck wk-end until Sunday where we came second in Novice jumpin, good boy as we weren't sure if he was going to be able to compete for a few wks as he has been lame for a while on his back right leg, but now hopefully back on the mend.

Adams Agilty Finals August 2006

Teak clearing the long jump in the power section.

Teak hates the Dog walk and seasaw so I am making sure he gets that contact, look how unhappy he is with me making sure he gets the contact.
I am so proud of Teak as this young dog has been through so much in his fours years of life to have qualified for the Adams Derby, sadly he took out the spread but was able to compete the jumping section and going clear after a hic-up at the start, looking forward to trying again next year.