Bailey & Joe

Born 11th March 2001

Bailey is a deep mahogany red.
She started off the "Bailstails"litters, Bailey was mated to Joe Boy and they produced pups on the 11th March 2001
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Scud - Bailstails Billionaire
Cassie -Bailstails First Edition
Dave -Bailstails wenya ready dave
Meg -Bailstails Megan
Ryan -Bailstails Private Ryan
Ky -Bailstails Nice n Easy

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Joe Boy
ISDS Registered number: 228635
KC Registered number: X0095198X02
Hips: 4/4
Eyes: Tested CPRA PLL CEA Unaffected,
DNA Tested CEA Normal (Clear)
Joe is a flashy tri coloured Border collie,  who has bright blue eyes.

The working dog

Joe was very easy to train. He seemed to have a natural ability, and just wanted to learn. He went from Novice to Advanced in 2 years. Winning the Pedigree Chum Grand National Jumping final on route.
He has qualified for every agility final including the singles, pairs and teams. He has won both home and abroad, and was part of the first ever English team that competed abroad, travelling via the Pets Passport scheme. We competed in Norway, which meant the dogs had to go on an aeroplane for the first time. Joe handled all the change like a pro, and the team returned home victorious.
Joe is not the type of boy who rushes up to people at shows; in fact he usually ignores what’s going on. He is very focused, and absolutely loves his agility.

The Pet Dog

At home Joe is a very different dog. He is bouncy and playful, all the time. If people come to the houses that have only seen Joe at a show, they can’t believe what a different dog he is. He loves fusses and cuddles and is all over them.
Joe is a good pet to own. He is very loyal and loving. He has a great temperament. Gets on well with other dogs and even likes children.

The Father

Joe has sired 6 litters. He tends to produce pups that are very much like him. He has several off spring that are doing very well in obedience, agility and Flyball. The Bailstails litter was Joe’s 4th. All the pups from this litter are doing extremely well in either Agility or Flyball. We are very proud of all Joe’s babies.

Sitting: Meg, Ryan, mum Bailey, dad Joe
Lying/down: Ky, Typsy, Dave, Scud, Cass.

L/R: Deena/Ryan, Nan/Ky, Traci/Dave,  Sue/Typsy, Pat/Cass,  Ann Marie/Scud